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Love a Lifetime poster
Drama , Sci-Fi & Fantasy , Action & Adventure
Negara: China
Release: Jun 18, 2020
A story that follows Nalan Yue, a man with two identities. He falls for the... Lihat Detail
Imperfect Love poster
Suspense , Drama , Family
Negara: China
Release: Mar 27, 2020
Synopsis and Plot Summary From the perspective of women, it tells a story a... Lihat Detail
Perfect and Casual poster
Romance , School , Drama
Negara: China
Release: Sep 28, 2020
This story revolves around the cold and icy "male god" professor Zhang Sini... Lihat Detail
My Girlfriend is an Alien poster
Comedy , Fantasy , Romance
Negara: China
Release: Aug 19, 2019
An intergalactic romance follows an alien girl stuck on planet Earth. She c... Lihat Detail
Monster Hunter poster
Action , Adventure , Fantasy
Negara: Germany , Canada , China , USA , Japan
Release: Dec 03, 2020
A portal transports Lt. Artemis and an elite unit of soldiers to a strange ... Lihat Detail
The Tears of the Great Sage poster
Action , Adventure , Fantasy
Negara: China
Release: Jul 03, 2020
Sun Wukong, who became the "Fighting Buddha", was bewitched by the spirits ... Lihat Detail
Ip Man: Kung Fu Master poster
Negara: China
Release: Dec 23, 2019
Ip Man’s promising career as a Policeman is ruined after he is framed for... Lihat Detail
Sacrifice poster
War , History , Action
Negara: China
Release: Oct 23, 2020
A film commemorating the heroic Chinese army during the Korean War for the ... Lihat Detail
Kong: Skull Island poster
Action , Adventure , Fantasy
Negara: USA , China , Australia , Canada
Release: Mar 08, 2017
Kong: Skull Island akan mengeksplorasi rumah misterius dan berbahaya dari r... Lihat Detail
Legend of Fei poster
Action , Adventure , Historical , Romance , Wuxia
Negara: China
Release: Dec 16, 2020
Several years ago, the emperor secretly ordered the hero Li Hui to form a m... Lihat Detail
Junkrat Train poster
Drama , Action , Mystery , Thriller
Negara: China
Release: Jan 07, 2021
A Chinese Department of Health junior clerk Su Zhenghuai (Yu Zhaode) is wit... Lihat Detail
The Eight Hundred poster
Action , Drama , War
Negara: China
Release: Aug 14, 2020
In 1937, eight hundred Chinese soldiers fight under siege from a warehouse ... Lihat Detail
Wu Kong poster
Action , Fantasy
Negara: China
Release: Jul 13, 2017
Cerita ini menceritakan kisah Sun Wukong (Eddie Peng) dan Erlang Shen (Shaw... Lihat Detail
Ne Zha poster
Animation , Action , Adventure
Negara: China
Release: Jul 26, 2019
The Primus extracts a Mixed Yuan Bead into a Spirit Seed and a Demon Pill. ... Lihat Detail
The Rescue poster
Negara: China
Release: Dec 18, 2020
A rescue unit within the Chinese Coast Guard are forced to overcome their p... Lihat Detail
The Sorcerer and the White Snake poster
Action , Fantasy , Romance
Negara: China , Hong Kong
Release: Sep 27, 2011
Bertuah dan Ular Putih adalah dongeng Cina kuno tentang setan wanita yang j... Lihat Detail
Bounty Hunters poster
Action , Comedy , Romance
Negara: China
Release: Jul 01, 2016
Lee Shan dan Ayo adalah mantan-Interpol agen yang sekarang pemburu bayaran,... Lihat Detail
Welcome High School Students poster
Friendship , Comedy , School , Youth , Drama
Negara: China
Release: Jan 11, 2021
Follows several first-year students’ lives as they experience both humoro... Lihat Detail
Mulan Angels 2: Treasure Map poster
Negara: China
Release: Aug 02, 2020
There is Mulan Secret Service Organization and they’re Mulan second-gener... Lihat Detail
The Foreigner poster
Action , Crime , Drama
Negara: UK , China , USA
Release: Sep 28, 2017
The IRA took his family. The police looked the other way. Now he must get r... Lihat Detail
The King's Avatar poster
Action , Adventure , Fantasy
Negara: China
Release: Jul 24, 2019
In the multiplayer online game Glory, Ye Xiu is well known as the textbook ... Lihat Detail
Guard The Pass of Han poster
Negara: China
Release: Mar 08, 2020
At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Qi, the son of Zhongliang, guard... Lihat Detail
The Lost Tomb 2 poster
Action , Adventure , Drama
Negara: China
Release: Jul 09, 2019
Novel adaptation. The season 2 will mainly capture two chapters from the no... Lihat Detail
The World of Fantasy poster
Action , Adventure , Historical , Romance , Martial Arts , Fantasy
Negara: China
Release: Jan 09, 2021
Qin Lie, a young man with amnesia, was involved in a conspiracy due to an a... Lihat Detail